Hamet Watt, bLife, Inc.

Hamet Watt is a co-founder and Co-CEO of bLife, Inc. and also a co-founder and Chairman of MoviePass, Inc.

Previously, Hamet was an entrepreneur-in-residence with True Ventures. As an entrepreneur and company-builder focused on solving large problems. Hamet has brought several successful innovations to market—and frequently advises businesses on their own innovations.

A leader in the Los Angeles entrepreneurial community, Hamet sits on the board of the LA Venture Association and is active with other entrepreneur organizations. He’s frequently been noted in the national press for innovation in media and entrepreneurship, and has been featured in such publications such as Entrepreneur, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times and Forbes. Hamet also advises several technology and media companies on marketing ROI and media innovation.

Hamet is the founder of NextMedium—the first full-service platform for buying, selling and measuring product placement across entertainment content. In response to the media industry’s concern about the DVR and viewer fragmentation, Hamet played a major role in making product placement a measurable and scalable ad medium. As NextMedium’s CEO, Hamet secured tier-one venture financing and built the company into the industry’s infrastructure for scalable product placement. Hamet’s Embed® platform was adopted by NBC, MTV and BET, as well as by leading media agencies and over 100 brands. Business 2.0 called NextMedium one of “the next disruptors.” NextMedium was acquired by Brand Affinity Technologies, and Hamet continues to play a key role in the operation of the NextMedium platform and advising BAT owners.

Prior to founding NextMedium, Hamet helped Nielsen Media Research develop their product placement measurement service. He was also a general partner with Sloan Financial Group’s $120 million New Africa Opportunity Fund, the first US-backed venture fund investing in post-apartheid South Africa. Hamet made investments in a broad spectrum of companies operating in southern Africa.

Hamet currently lives in Los Angeles, CA with his with wife Joy and son Zion.