Fall 12’ Grad Randy Mitchell Shares Advice for Spring 13’ Applicants

We just wrapped up another great and very successful cycle with 7 amazingly talented founders! With that said applications for Spring 2013 have been rolling in so we are bringing back our Founder Stories! In our Founders Stories a few founders from the previous cycle share their experiences in getting into the NewME program where they had to stand out among hundreds of other start-ups in the application process.

 Randy Mitchell, Co-founder of Plisten

 Randy on why he applied to NewME Accelerator:

I believe in and support what they are working to accomplish. Minority communities have suffered socially and economically for decades largely due to a lack of awareness, access, and real life examples (people who look like them and come from similar backgrounds) of what’s possible.

Because of this, many minorities often see entertainment and professional sports as the primary vehicles for social and economic success. NewME challenges this notion by introducing technology as an alternative that’s sexy, smart and according to Forbes, the No. 2 contributor to the Billionaire pool in the U.S. and the No. 1 sector for job growth.

NewME is a pioneer in this space and I wanted to be a part of that, for posterity’s sake.

How Randy stood out amongst hundreds of other applicants:

I made it a point to serve in the NewME Community and stay connected, not because I wanted anything from it but because I wanted to support it. Doing this in hindsight allowed me to be a familiar face and start-up among the people at NewME that mattered. “Social Proof” is a big thing in the Valley. Serving the community allowed me to build Social Proof in the NewME eco-system and to be the founder NewME knew. That made all the difference.

 Randy’s Advice to Applicants:

Start with “Why”! Build something from the heart that matters, the world is full of companies doing it just for the money. Be bigger than that, build for something greater than money or self because there will be many long days and nights along the start-up road where all you will have to sustain you is your “Why”, and that has to be big enough!

A strong “Why” will help you get through the hard times, of which there will be many. Start with “Why”, Think Different, and Build Epic Ish! Or put another way – GO HARD IN DA PAINT!!!

Silicon Valley is an electric place and fertile ground for ideas with the intent of becoming reality. Seize that, enjoy it, and pay it forward to those who come after you.

Go to Plisten to find out more about Randy’s start-up! 

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    Randy makes 

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    Randy makes some great points!

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    This is great. Thank you, Randy, for the advice. Best of luck for Plisten and all your endeavors.

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    What an excellent idea!