Spring 2013 Startups Announced

With 2013 off to a great start and cycle 4 of NewME Accelerator in full effect starting February 18th there is much to be excited about!  After much deliberation it’s finally time to let the cat out of the bag and announce the next round of startups.  Check them out below:

Founder: Adrian Walker
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
Website: http://www.rippld.com
Description: Rippld is a network that provides a real-time collaboration platform for creative professionals/companies

Founder: Frederick Hutson
Hometown: Tampa, FL
Website: http://www.fotopigeon.com
Description: Think of us as the FedEx of photo sharing, we help families share photo lab quality prints with distant loved ones in hard to reach places.

Founder: Brandon Rivers
Hometown: Santa Clara, CA
Website: http://www.fanmeetr.com
Description: Fanmeetr finds, connects, and engages local sports fans on multiple platforms.

Founder: Marco Aponte
Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA
Website: http://www.1onme.com
Description: Have 1 On Me is an app that delivers a truly social gift by allowing you to send drinks to friends nationwide.

Founder: Lin Tam
Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA
Website: http://www.digitalmunch.tv
Description: digitalmunch produces quality video trailers through our automated platform saving app developers time and money.

Founder: Steven Otu
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Website: http://www.vocaltap.com
Description: We help business owners get mentored by their peers through private, facilitated video calls.

Founder: Justin Dawkins
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Description: Ad technology platform for innovative social products.

And if you haven’t registered yet for our Welcome event you can do it here.  Hope you can join us and help kick off the next cycle on Feb. 19th at Google’s Startup Lab.

  • EliVincente

    Congrats to all the NewME 2013 Spring Startups.