Founder Stories; Pivot

Hans Yadav graduated from the University of Michigan with degrees in Economics and Neuroscience. Despite his deep fascination with the medical world, his passion in technology led him to co-found his first tech startup, VocalTap, one of the 6 companies currently participating in the Spring 2013 class. Hans’s interests include playing with hardware gadgets, reading fantasy novels, and watching foreign films.

Twist and Turns

My co-founder, Steven, and I came into the NewMe program with a ton of assumptions, a bit of naiveté, and a certain Dirty South swag characteristic of born-and-raised ATLiens. I remember the first day at the office I plopped my backpack down, grabbed some food, laughed and joked with some of the other founders and decided on the spot that the next three months would be dedicated to nurturing and growing our startup.

Sure our idea came with a few holes, but those could be patched up with good ol’ fashioned hard work, ingenuity, and the support of an awesome ensemble of NewMe mentors.

Exactly four days later our startup completely pivoted. Then two weeks after that we pivoted again.

What was happening? From an outside perspective, it must have seemed we had no clue what we were doing. Two pivots in less than a month? Even Taylor Swift would frown upon how fast we were breaking up with our ideas.

But we were learning. A lot. And that’s an incredible testament to the NewMe program. From getting feedback from all the mentors and speakers to physically hitting the streets to talk to our customers, we were constantly testing our hypotheses. Unfortunately many of our conjectures were rendered false, but we were finally moving at a speed we just couldn’t attain in Atlanta.

There’s still eight more weeks left in the program and hell, we might pivot one or two more times. But I think we’re close to something. Something potentially huge. Till then we’ll keep grinding, testing our hypotheses, and ultimately leveraging NewMe’s support to build an amazing business.

  • Reid Walley

    Great to see you and Steven are heavy into it, and gettin your Pivot on when necessary.

  • reservme

    Way to go Hans and Steven! I know you guys are out there hitting it hard.

  • Dru Riley

    Great post! Stay on your grind.

  • Imeli Daniel

    I have always desired such an exposure and experience for young budding and potential entrepreneurs here in Nigeria. And I am so encouraged by this story to pursue my desire to bring these young entrepreneurs together under a single roof where they will have access to every support they may need to succeed as true entrepreneurs that they can become. Such an opportunity is rare in my country, Nigeria, today.

  • joe

    Glad to here that it’s going well. – joe @askengineguy


    Sounds like your guys are making great progress! Joe @askengineguy