Why It’s Best Not to Skimp On Hosting

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Whether you’re an early-stage startup or have been in the game for some time, you’re sure to have hosting on your mind. While it might not be a concern at the moment, it’s to your advantage to be prepared when the time comes.

Should you move your site or app to a cloud environment? What will it take to make the move? And, most importantly, should you go with Rackspace, Amazon, Google, IBM or one of the many other hosting services.

Adam Hansen, startup advocate for Rackspace hosting, spoke with our founders about shared hosting options, moving from idea phase to having a product up and running on a server and cloud sites, to name a few topics addressed. Hansen encourages entrepreneurs to save money wherever you can, but not where it matters the most.

He shares why it’s best to invest early on versus skimping on hosting quality:

“By starting cheap and getting to year three, and let’s say year three, series B or C, and you have money and are able to pay a nice hosting bill…you’re probably looking at a $5,000 cost by starting cheap and moving up as need be.”

“You’re probably not going to save any money in the long haul, and you’re going to end up causing yourself more heartburn,” he adds.

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