Why It’s Best Not to Skimp On Hosting

Adam Hansen, startup advocate for Rackspace hosting, spoke with our NewME VR founders about shared hosting options, moving from idea phase to having a product up and running on a server and cloud sites, to name a few topics addressed.

How to Build the Right Team

With extensive experience in team management at companies such as Nike, eBay and Zynga, Laurence Toney spoke with NewME founders about building a successful startup team. Here are Toney’s tips on constructing and managing the best startup team.

How to Find a Technical Co-Founder (If You Even Need One)

We tapped Dropbox’s first employee and founder of Assorted Bits, Inc. Aston Motes to share his tips on finding and recruiting the best technical co-founder for your business.

Google’s Employee Data Highlights More Than a Pipeline Issue

With Google releasing its numbers on where the company stands when it comes to the diversity of its workforce, NewME founder and CEO Angela Benton weighed in on the industry’s diversity debate.

NewME VR: Founder Chinedu Echeruo Shares Keys to Acquisition Success

With his two-time success rate, founder Chinedu Echeruo shares his tips on what founders should know about acquisitions.

Hustle Hard: How to Achieve Online Marketing Success

Internet entrepreneur Sean Percival joined our NewME VR session to discuss creating a winning online marketing strategy, ways to avoid committing an online marketing blunder, and tips for getting an entrepreneur’s product or service out there without breaking the bank.

NewME VR: What You Need to Know About Developing An App

We tapped Aaron Saunders, CEO and founder of Clearly Innovative, Inc., to walk us through his app development checklist, what you should know before building a mobile application, and choosing the right platform for your app.

NewME VR: How to Market Your Product Online founder and CEO Ricky Yean spoke with our founders about ways to drive customer acquisition, effective online marketing strategies and the power of social media.

Zoobean Secures Additional $400,000

Less than a week after Zoobean survived a swim with the sharks on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” the Edtech startup announced a $400,000 funding round from investors that include Militello Capital, CIT GAP Funds and angel investor Hilton Augustine Jr.

AgLocal Raises Another $1.3 Million, Pivots to Consumer-Facing Subscription Service

NewME’s Spring 2012 grad AgLocal announced Wednesday it has moved away from its meat marketplace business model, which connected independent farmers and ranchers with restaurants, to a consumer-facing subscription service. The subscription service will begin shipping May 21, but AgLocal has opened up a pre-order window today.